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6 Lotion Set

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6 Lotion Set

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Can't decide on which lotion you want to try we've got you covered with this new set.

Now you can try all 6 of our lotions at a discounted rate.

Warm and sweet with notes of vanilla, bamboo, and frankincense 
Fun Fact: Our younger brother named it after his love of the color red
Mango Fiesta
Fresh mangoes with a splash of lime for a burst of scent. There is also a light note of tea tree essential oil
Coco Shea
A sweet tropical coconut base blends indulgently with soft vanilla for a surprisingly complex and layered fragrance experience.
Melon splash

The sweet, scent of fresh, juicy watermelon – it’s the ultimate summer refresher

Lavender Blast
For lavender lovers out there who love the sweet delicate scent of fresh lavender buds
Raspberry Vanilla
The luscious fragrance is a smooth blend of sweet berries and creamy vanilla. This scent also has light notes of tea tree, sandalwood, and black seed oil

 Fun Fact: This was the very first lotion we ever made